Contribute and support

Hey there! I'm really glad you're here. If you want to help, there are many ways you can:

Head over to GitHub, fork the project, and start rolling new features. I'm especially interested in developers willing to create adapters for more database engines, but anything will help. Maybe take a look at the Issues list and see if there's anything you can help fix, or perhaps submit some bug reports yourself.

Even if you lack the time to contribte actual code, you can still do a tremendous amount of good by making the project popular. The more the people that know about it, the more eyes on the code, the better the project becomes. Here are some nice buttons to get you started:

I really really love to read. I devour somewhere between 40 and 50 books per year. Did I mention I also own Walk Into Mordor, a website where I do book reviews? Well, here's how you can help with that:

  1. Next time you order something off, drop by this page and click this link first. This doesn't cost you a dime, and yet my Amazon Affiliates account gets credited a small amount when you complete your order. It doesn't matter what you buy, simply clicking here before you do it is enough. Oh, also, Amazon doesn't tell me anything about what you bought, so your secret is safe ;)

  2. Buy me an Amazon gift card. Amazon makes it easy for you to pay any amount you want, all you have to do is provide my email address ( when you do. Thanks!

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